The Co-organizers of the Webinar Series: Multilateralism and Regionalism in Challenging Times: Relations between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, invite you to our event. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the multiple crises faced by the international system and multilateral institutions. The rise of authoritarianism, populism, protectionism, and skepticism towards the scientific community and multilateral institutions have brought significant challenges to international cooperation regarding several global agendas. 

Considering this pressing global scenario, the proposed event aims to shed some light on how these contemporary challenges have been affecting the inter-regional relations of the European Union (EU) with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), when it comes to concrete topics of the agenda such as democracy, climate change, trade, human rights, health, science and technology. 

By gathering experts on these fields and representatives of EU-LAC stakeholders from the two regions to discuss over key topics on the bi-regional agenda, this event will provide a constructive environment to reflect upon the current challenges faced by EU-LAC inter-regional relations and possible solutions which may support actors from the two regions to overcome recent difficulties by supporting joint bi-regional coordination.

Moreover, this event will foster discussions on the bi-regional topics by going beyond the intergovernmental meetings, providing a positive and reflexive dialogue among other actors involved in EU-LAC relations such as parliamentarians and members of civil society organisations, aiming at developing a more comprehensive and plural debate on topical issues of the bi-regional agenda.

The Webinar Series will be broadcasted via Zoom (with EN/ES simultaneous translation) and on Youtube, from 1 September to 6 October from 4pm to 5h30pm (Central European Summer Time – CEST).


1 September – Opening SessionRegistration Link

8 September – Panel 1: DemocracyRegistration Link

15 September – Panel 2: Environment and Climate ChangeRegistration Link

22 September – Panel 3: Trade and sustainabilityRegistration Link

29 September – Panel 4: Human Rights and MulticulturalismRegistration Link

6 October – Panel 5: Health and Science & TechnologyRegistration Link


This event is sponsored by CAPES Foundation and the EU-LAC Foundation.

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Organizers: UNESP, Regionalism Observatory, EU-LAC Foundation, University of Coimbra, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies.

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